“A striking, poetic look at the Lakota Sioux” – The New York Times

“Di Fiore and his crew turned their attention to traditional buffalo hunts…conducted no interviews…didn’t seek outside experts to explain anything.  Instead, detailed shots…became the window to larger stories…”- Associated Press.

“You don’t have to spend a million dollars to convey emotion” – Okayplayer

“Caveman Torture Julia Stiles in hostile In the City video…The stuff of nightmares.  Can’t imagine the New York City Tourism Bureau is very pleased” – Spin 

“Would make Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling feel warm all over”- IFC

“An eerie, old-feeling mystery that hinges on some eye-burning stills and a delightful Twin Peaks/Twilight Zone aura of spine-tingling weirdness” – Stereogum

“The film also calls to mind films of the era, blaxploitation flicks like Across 110th Street, and perhaps more than those, the first thing that came to my mind was actually Mean Streets‘”- IFC

“A haunting four-minute tribute to the best of the Hitchcock-era bizarre.  Philip Di Fiore creates an eerie atmosphere fit for a long-lost episode of  Twin Peaks.” – Paste Magazine

“Revolution Breaks Out in Sinkane’s Runnin Video” – Pitchfork

“See if you can sit through the entire 12 minutes of the video that was shot in a single take.” – Baeble Music

“Sinkane Get Trippy in Their New Video for Young Trouble’”- The Fader

“Classy editing, camera work, and filmic direction by longtime Sinkane video collaborator Philip Di Fiore…It’s a pretty thing to watch.”  Steroegum 

“A gorgeous video that, despite being shot in black and white, feels very colourful.” – Dummy Magazine

“Magnificent manipulations of light and perspective.” – IFC

“Antibalas Jam to Dirty Money at Daptone Studios”- Rolling Stone

“We eat, have a few drinks, socialize and then make crazy music.” – Bedford and Bowery